“I help companies improve their culture and corporate wellness to bring out the best in their employees.“ – Lynda

Let’s elevate your work culture, together.

  • Improve energy at work
  • Reinvigorate talent
  • Improve self-esteem and worker wellbeing 
  • Building high-trust teams
  • Unlocking creativity for innovation 
  • Empower team members to speak their truth to collaborate better 
  • Heal group dynamics
  • Foster a growth and solution-oriented mindset 

Lynda brings out the trailblazer that is already inside each of her clients.

My mother owned her own business, an industrial painting company.

In the 1950’s women were excluded from the construction industry, however I watched her navigate that environment with incredible success.

I learned how critical culture was to all businesses.  Because of this, I decided I wanted to help organizations.

We spend a great deal of our life with our colleagues, and I feel passionate about helping people learn to work in a cohesive and supportive environment, together.

For me, healing is the stepping stone to manifesting everything you deserve at work and in all aspects of life.

“Business is all about people, and when it comes to people and teams- they are all about energy. All real success follows personal growth. Energy management is the next frontier of leadership and Lynda is on the cutting edge.”

Woman Startup Founder

“The whole world should meet Lynda. I want to shout out to the world that Lynda is the answer.”

Successful woman entrepreneur, Mexico

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Lynda Heyden  does not provide medical or psychological services.  She is not a medical professional or a Licensed Therapist. Please contact your doctor for those services.