“After a decade of relationships with 30 health specialists across disciplines–from psychiatry, to acupuncture, to orthopedic surgery–Lynda’s services have been unique. Instead of plotting an escape from brokenness, Lynda has guided me to return to an eternal power that pays no mind to my past difficulties.

Beyond her brilliant interpersonal insights and delightful journeys of the imagination, her greatest gift to me has been something I gave up long ago: as much right to think of myself as deserving of health and aliveness as a version of me who never lost it.

Lynda was there when I needed to be found.”


“Lynda’s gift is that she sees you not for where you are today or where you have been, but for where you can be.  And in doing so, she helps you get there.”


“Lynda came in to my life a few years ago.  She has been my go-to for healing & balancing my store, my clinic and me. She is so practical and when you are with her she is yours!  I am so blessed to have met her and happy she has joined this journey of healing people at my clinic, Manotick Wellness Hub.  She is a super soul!”


“Lynda has an incredible energy.   She is calm and yet has a spirit so full of life.  She gently nudges you to forgive yourself, and give yourself the gift of compassion.”


“Lynda has opened a new world and not only has it impacted me but also my family. Thrilled to share the transition our family has gone through has been miraculous Thank you today, tomorrow and forever xo”